Sustainability at F‑Secure

At F‑Secure, our ambition is to deliver socially and environmentally sustainable security experiences to our partners and end users.

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Our latest statement

Creating sustainable security experiences

At F‑Secure, our ambition is to deliver socially and environmentally sustainable security experiences to our partners and end users. In 2023, we renewed our sustainability strategy, policies, and governance. Furthermore, we continued our double-materiality assessment started in 2022 and have involved key stakeholders in the process. The assessment confirmed that the most material areas for F‑Secure and its stakeholders are protecting people and society, our employees, cyber security, climate change, and responsible business conduct. The sustainability strategy work culminated in the launch of our ESG Commitments as highlighted below.

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F-Secure ESG Strategy

Our ESG strategy consists of three key areas:

Protecting digital moments

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Protecting our customers

Our mission is to make every digital moment more secure for everyone and deliver brilliantly simple security experiences will be in higher demand than ever before. To fulfil our mission, we will maintain our commitment to providing thorough and holistic protection against scams in digital moments.

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Complexity remains one of the worst enemies of cyber security and a recent survey conducted by F‑Secure showed that 66% of consumers find cyber security too complex. This is why F‑Secure has embarked on a mission to deliver brilliantly simple security experiences and realize its vision to become the #1 security experience company. We execute on our vision and aim to become the consumer’s trusted companion through several means:

  1. Holistic protection across consumers’ digital moments that provides a sense of security.

  2. Contextual and personalized experience that makes security visible during digital moments and relevant to consumer needs.

  3. Helping consumers be aware and empowered to stay safe online, providing advice and support when consumers need it.

Education and awareness

Increasing consumer awareness on cyber threats and providing tips, best practices and actionable information about the evolving threat landscape remained high on F-Secure agenda. Through various campaigns and our content creation strategy, we are able to reach 10 million consumers across the globe.

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This includes the publication of our F‑Alert, a monthly newsletter that informs consumers about what’s happening in cyber security. Even more importantly, it tells consumers why threats are happening and offers advice from F‑Secure experts to help secure consumers' digital moments. Additionally, we publish articles, eBooks and white papers on topics such as AI, how scams work, what is spoofing, how to avoid fake websites, and more. The above does not include awareness creation activities and the hundreds of millions of consumers reached through our Service Provider partners, which can be estimated to be significant.

Giving back to society

Annually we sponsor and collaborate with several organizations chosen based on values reflecting ours. Through the sponsorships we can give back to society and support both local and global organizations working towards making the world a better and fairer place.

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One topic where we have annual sponsorships and collaboration is DEI. These sponsorships and collaborations not only raise awareness, but have also solidified DEI as a core topic for us. We also facilitate student trainee and mentoring opportunities and collaborate with universities on projects related to cyber security.

Responsible business

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Business ethics and code of conduct

Trust placed in F-Secure is earned only when actions match the words. Since the founding of F‑Secure we’ve emphasized strong business ethics covering both how we work with consumers and service provider partners, as well as in how we handle their data.

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The F‑Secure Cyber Security Policy defines processes to identify, mitigate and prepare for a potential business disruption, and our Code of Conduct sets a clear framework guiding our daily decision-making. At F‑Secure, each employee plays a critical role in earning, building, and maintaining the trust placed in us.

Security and privacy in our daily operations

F-Secure is in the business of trust. Through our products we are present in our customers’ digital moments and have developed a unique understanding of the consequences of personal data breaches to individual lives.

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Data breaches often have financial consequences and at worst they can have a significant impact on the mental and physical wellbeing of the victim. Therefore, when we offer our products to our customers, we ask them to put their trust in us to secure their digital moments. F‑Secure is committed to maintaining this trust by building cyber security and privacy into our products and operations, and by complying with the related applicable legislation in the countries where we operate.

Sustainable security experiences

When it comes to the environment, F-Secure is a low carbon emission, cloud-based consumer cyber security software company. While our greenhouse emissions are low, we respect the environment and are committed to doing the right thing for the planet.

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Since conducting our first emissions inventory calculation based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG) for the financial year of 2022 in April, we have now added climate change to our annually reportable measures and we are in the process of developing our climate change targets. We have already decided upon and/or implemented several initiatives to reduce our emissions, such as changing our car benefit to allow only electric and hybrid vehicles, implementing a green travel policy, and ensuring proper recycling of all office and e-waste.

Fellow experience

Talent development

Our employees, or Fellows, are the key to our success. Our activities centered around both retaining our current Fellows and creating a positive employer brand image to attract new talent.

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An additional focus area is to enhance the development and learning opportunities for our employees. We have several programs supporting learning and development, including Leadership Academy, DEI trainings, and a new Learning Management System. These programs increase awareness and knowledge sharing around topics such as DEI, internal policies and processes, leadership, and communication skills. In an industry characterized by competition for the best talent and relatively male-dominant, we continuously improve our talent acquisition processes and practices, actively striving to hire and attract a more diverse workforce.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

From our inception as an English-speaking organization, we have naturally attracted talent from close to 50 different nationalities, fostering a culture where cultural diversity thrives at every level. We maintain a proactive approach to diversity, regularly measuring various aspects such as age distribution, health and wellbeing, engagement in trainings and gender representation across different organizational levels.

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Our commitment to diversity is not just about numbers — it’s about recognizing the value that diverse perspectives bring to solving complex challenges, particularly in the ever-evolving landscape of cyber security. We understand that diversity isn’t just about representation — it’s about actively seeking out and empowering individuals from all backgrounds, ensuring that everyone feels valued and included.

In talent acquisition, we continuously refine our practices to promote inclusivity and fairness, prioritizing positive candidate experiences. Mindful of biases, we actively seek to identify and address them to raise awareness. While acknowledging challenges in gender diversity in tech, we strive to create an environment that attracts individuals of all genders. Our HR practices support diverse backgrounds, ages, genders, and life situations, aspiring to offer equal opportunities for all employees to thrive — from career starters to aspiring leaders at F‑Secure.

Looking forward, we are expanding our partnerships to include initiatives focused on supporting family life and providing training opportunities for emerging talent. We are also broadening our global reach by inviting professionals from diverse regions to join our network and contribute to our collective success.

Our DEI efforts are led by our dedicated People and Culture team, supported by our DEI committee and ESG working groups. Through ongoing training and DEI talks, we aim to raise awareness and advocate for issues that are important to our community, ensuring that F‑Secure remains a place where everyone feels welcome, valued, and empowered to thrive.

Wellbeing and benefits

At F-Secure we recognize that our industry is demanding for our employees, and we remain committed to the health and wellbeing of our employees. We continuously develop and implement an active wellbeing strategy and measure progress.

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For example, we have an agreement with Auntie, a low-threshold mental health service that provides mental health support completely anonymously to our employees. In addition, we create a more resilient workforce by having an inclusive culture that supports psychological safety and wellbeing.


F‑Secure has established its ESG Council to facilitate the creation and execution of the ESG strategy with stakeholders across the company. Furthermore, various ESG Committees have been established to own their respective areas, including employees from different functions such as Commercial, Marketing, CFO Office, and People and Culture. At F‑Secure, the ESG strategy is not considered a separate strategy, but aligned with the corporate strategy and direction, led by the CEO and the Leadership Team.

The Audit Committee, including the Chair of the Board, reviews our corporate sustainability strategy and its implementation at least twice a year, and the Board of Directors at least once a year. At least one person in the Audit Committee has previous expertise in international companies and financial ESG reporting, in addition to auditors attending the meeting.

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Investor contact

Sari Somerkallio,

Corporate strategy contact

Antero Norkio,
Senior Vice President,
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Sustainability contact

Marie-Sofie Seger,
Senior manager, ESG