Our patents

Innovation is at the heart of what we do. Our curiosity and pioneering spirit have kept us ahead of the changing cyber threat landscape. Across our product portfolio, we hold patents on key technologies that help keep our tens of millions of customers protected.

Here are some examples of our patents:



Obtaining password data


Protecting a user from a compromised web resource


Preventing browser-originating attacks


Examples of industry firsts we have achieved during our 30+ years of history:

  • 2022: the first modular, co-branded offering for channel partners that combines endpoint protection, privacy and identity protection — all in one app
  • 2019: the first connected home security solution integrated with Sercomm and PRPL platform
  • 2012: the first banking protection
  • 2005: the first antivirus company to release rootkit detection technology
  • 2002: the first mobile antivirus
  • 2001: the first pocket PC encryption solution for stored emails, contacts, and calendars
  • 1991: the first heuristic scanner for antivirus products