Our Patents

F-Secure's IP department manages one of the strongest IP portfolios in the anti-virus industry. Our current patent portfolio consists of approximately 100+ patent families made up of about 300+ granted patents and applications. Having invested significantly in R&D over the past 25 years, F-Secure's innovations are widely acknowledged in the industry.

Here are some examples of our patents:



Remote Computer Virus Scanning

Virus Protection in an Internet Environment

Malware Determination

Malware Detection by Application Monitoring

Malware Detection

Malware Scanning

Controlling Access to Web Content

Malware Detection

Detecting a Trojan Horse

Foiling a Document Exploit Attack

From time to time we divest parts of our portfolio.
Currently, the following patents are open for licensing / acquisition:



Near Field Communication Security

Data Synchronisation

Download Control

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To enquire about licenses to F-Secure patents, contact F-Secure's IP Department. Please note that we process all inquiries on a non-binding and non-confidential basis. Hence, we do not endorse you to send us confidential information.

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