We exist to build trust in society and to keep people and businesses safe

Unprecedented challenges threaten to undermine the very survival of society. Only unprecedented innovation can prevent irreversible disasters. This is only possible if we trust the technology that can bring us together.

From our humble beginnings more than thirty years ago, F-Secure has grown into a reliable cyber security leader, earning the trust of organizations and people around the world.

Browse through the timeline and find out more about our story.

Who we are

We recruit the best minds in the industry while keeping a relentless focus on growing the next generation of cyber security pros.

Our experts continually disrupt the industry. Their research-led approach, victories at hacking contests, and talks at conferences win respect around the globe.

  • Founded in 1988
  • Over 1700 employees
  • Listed on NASDAQ OMX, Helsinki
  • Offices in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific
  • Revenue of €236 million and adjusted EBITDA of €36.5 million (15.4%) for 2021
  • Corporate security revenue has increased year-on-year since 2015
  • Over 100,000 corporate customers in corporate product business, more than 300 enterprises served through consulting and tens of millions of consumer customers protected through consumer security products

Unique, real time visibility into attacks as they unfold across the globe

250+ Technical consultants CAPABILITY 300+ Publications & research released annually THOUGHT LEADERSHIP 12 Internationally recognised ACCREDITATIONS 24/7/365 Incident Response World-renowned F-Secure Labs Data from tens of millions of endpoints worldwide

What we do

F-Secure’s portfolio has been built on a desire to be first. From three decades of experience stopping advanced cyber attacks, we’ve developed a passion for taking on the world’s most potent cyber threats. This teaches us how attackers defeat defenders. 

With these insights, we’ve pioneered threat hunting and been at the forefront of the movement away from traditional forensics to continuous real-time response.

We are trusted by companies for which cyber security is absolutely critical

  • 3/5 Top US Banks
  • 5/5 Top UK Banks
  • 3/5 Top Singapore Banks
  • 5/5 Top Nordic Banks
  • 5/5 Top South African Banks

We protect tens of millions of consumers through our 200+ service providers and telecom partners

What makes us different

We test the defenses of banks to help them repel thieves looking to steal money. We make sure that you can check if your flight is on time from anywhere and that your plane lands safely. We advise schools, hospitals, and even cities on how to create safe networks. We help router manufacturers build better connections. We never stop.

It’s not an easy job. But nobody works in this industry for an easy paycheck.

We exist to build trust in society and to keep people and businesses safe

Read more on F-Secure policy in detecting spying programs developed by various governments

In late 2001, F-Secure Corporation received various queries on our standpoint regarding the possibility of spying programs developed by various governments.

Much of this discussion was generated by media coverage on rumored backdoor trojan known as "Magic Lantern", developed by FBI or NSA in USA. Discussion was increased as several US-based anti-virus vendors made comments implying they would on purpose leave a backdoor in their anti-virus products to allow such a spying program to work.

Thus, F-Secure Corporation would like to make known that we will not leave such backdoors to our F-Secure Anti-Virus products, regardless of the source of such tools. We have to draw a line with every sample we get regarding whether to detect it or not.
This decision-making is influenced only by technical factors, and nothing else, but within the applicable laws and regulations, in our case meaning EU laws.

We will also be adding detection of any program we see that might be used for terrorist activity or to benefit organized crime.

We would like to state this for the record, as we have received queries regarding whether we would have the guts to detect something obviously made by a known violent mafia or terrorist organization. Yes we would.

F-Secure Corporation always aims to do what's best for our customers.