2024 is the year of online scams, finds latest annual F-Secured Consumer Threats Guide

This comprehensive report sheds light on the evolving landscape of cyber security threats faced by consumers, offering insights into emerging trends and predictions for the year ahead.

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2024 is the year of online scams, finds latest annual F-Secured Consumer Threats Guide

This comprehensive report sheds light on the evolving landscape of cyber security threats faced by consumers, offering insights into emerging trends and predictions for the year ahead.

F‑Secure announces latest tier 1 communication service provider partnership

The announcement emphasizes the company’s strategic momentum, both in cultivating valuable tier 1 partner­ships and enhancing their innovative Embedded Security solution.

The Gen Z crowd ‘BYTE’ not to be tech savvy

Gen Z is three times more likely to fall victim to online scams than silver surfers

Nearly 1 in 4 fall victim to online shopping scams

F‑Secure experts warn shoppers to stay alert this holiday season as tech, clothes and gifts top the list of most popular scams.

1 in 5 might switch internet service providers for better online security

F‑Secure will expand the Sense partner program with a new router security certification at Network X, the world’s most comprehensive B2B tele­communications industry event.

F‑Secure builds seamless protection for personal data into Touch ’n Go eWallet

F‑Secure, a global leader in simplifying consumer security, and TNG Digital, Malaysia’s mobility leader, have announced the co-creation of an embedded security solution to protect Touch ’n Go eWallet and the data privacy of its growing user base.

Internet users still in the dark about the dark web — despite at least 1 in 6 experiencing a data leak in the last year

More than three quarters (77%) of adults surveyed in the UK, Germany, Sweden and Finland rarely, or never, check if their data has been stolen or leaked and the vast majority of internet users (68%) cannot accurately define the dark web, a destination for buying stolen data.

F‑Secure partners with leading European tele­communications operator to deliver DNS security

F‑Secure, a global leader in simplifying cyber security, announces a major partner­ship with one of Europe’s leading communications service providers (CSP).

F‑Secure and la Mobilière elevate cyber insurance for private individuals with enhanced protection

F‑Secure continues to expand into the insurance vertical with a new partner­ship that brings expanded identity protection and online security to the cyber insurance of la Mobilière for private individuals.

Cyber threats are becoming more personal, finds new annual F‑Secured consumer threat guide

Netflix, Facebook, and Steam used to spread cyber attacks as criminals focus on consumers’ favorite digital moments, reveals F‑Secured, the complete guide to online security in 2023.

F‑Secure and Allianz Partners join forces for protection and peace of mind in the digital age by combining insurance and cyber security

Partner­ship pairs cyber insurance coverage with preventative protection services for the digital self.

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March 27, 2024

F‑Secured Annual Threats Guide 2024

F‑Secured, the complete guide to online security in 2024

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F‑Secured threat guide 2023

F‑Secured, the complete guide to online security in 2023.

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February 20, 2023

Living Secure report

A global survey show­casing the digital moments that matter most in 2023.

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Timo Laaksonen

President and CEO of F‑Secure. Laaksonen joined F‑Secure in 2012 and has led the Content Cloud business, Consumer Business in North and Latin America, global commercial operations in Managed Detection & Response Business Unit, and the Consumer Security Business Unit. Appointed as President and CEO in 2022. Prior to F‑Secure, Laaksonen led inter­national business units and venture-backed start-ups in the fields of security, cloud computing, telecoms, predictive analytics, and mobile services.

Laura Kankaala

Head of threat intelligence, F‑Secure. Kankaala has been in the industry for almost ten years, and her back­ground lies in offensive security (white hacking). Featuring as a professional hacker on Team Whack — a TV series for Finnish Broad­casting Company YLE that demonstrates how every­thing is hackable — Kankaala is well-versed in helping consumers under­stand cyber security, removing the jargon and simplifying the issue, some­thing she is passionate about.

Tom Gaffney

Director of Business Development, Embedded Security, F‑Secure. With 28 years’ experience in technology, the last 15 of which in cyber security, Tom Gaffney is passionate about online privacy and security. Partnering with some of the world’s leading tele­communication providers to deliver safe online experiences, he has dedicated his career to educating people on the privacy issues surrounding digital services and teaching users how to interact digitally in the most secure way.

Joel Latto

Threat Advisor, F‑Secure. Having written about security and privacy since 2012, Joel Latto strives to raise awareness about the consumer cyber security threat land­scape with educational and engaging communications. A member of the F‑Secure AI Task Force, his commitment to demystifying cyber security has led him to focus on online scams — uncovering how criminals evade social media counter­measures and creating awareness campaigns informed by research.

Ash Shatrieh

Threat Intelligence Researcher, F‑Secure. With an engineering back­ground in net­working and operating systems, Ash Shatrieh is fueled by an interest in net­work traffic analysis and the offensive tactics of cyber security. He has blended development and security engineering through­out his decade-long career, currently combining his passion for behavioral psychology with offensive and defensive security by testing, monitoring, and attempting to break consumer-related defenses.

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