3 of 4 people say they feel unsafe online — and cyber security isn’t helping them feel secure

A new report finds that even as internet users spend a third of their lives online, most feel risks are increasing, and cyber security is too complex.

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living secure

February 20, 2023

Living Secure report

A global survey showcasing the digital moments that matter most in 2023.


February 20, 2023

New F‑Secure Total guide

The new Total integrates F‑Secure’s previous products into a single app.

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Timo Laaksonen

President and CEO of F-Secure. Laaksonen joined F-Secure in 2012 and has led the Content Cloud business, Consumer Business in North and Latin America, global commercial operations in Managed Detection & Response Business Unit, and the Consumer Security Business Unit. Appointed as President and CEO in 2022. Prior to F-Secure, Laaksonen led international business units and venture-backed start-ups in the fields of security, cloud computing, telecoms, predictive analytics, and mobile services.

Laura Kankaala

Threat Intelligence Lead, F-Secure. Kankaala has been in the industry for almost ten years, and her background lies in offensive security (white hacking). Featuring as a professional hacker on Team Whack — a TV series for Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE that demonstrates how everything is hackable — Kankaala is well-versed in helping consumers understand cyber security, removing the jargon and simplifying the issue, something she is passionate about.

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